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> On Thu, Jul 12, 2018, 17:41 Sean Farley <> wrote:
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>>> writes:
>> > Since there was no consensus in this thread, we discussed it in the
>> > steering committee. We decided to do it in Europe this time (i.e. the 4.8
>> > sprint) since everyone indicated that they could make it there. We also
>> > decided to do it Oct 12-14 and to do it in Stockholm. I'll send a
>> separate
>> > email to the list about that.
>> I guess I'm really confused about this. In this thread, many people,
>> myself included, offered to help and even began the process of securing
>> a meeting location.
>> Could you please provide insight on how the decision was made? Were
>> venue offers made privately?
> No offers made privately (why do you ask?), the offers we had were on the
> wiki. Those offers were Tokyo, Lyon, and Stockholm. According to the
> availability table, everyone was able to come to Europe, but not everyone
> could make it to Asia, so we decided not to do it in Tokyo this time. The
> Lyon location was an hour or two further away from most locations and the
> Stockholm location (except from France, of course). So I proposed doing it
> in Stockholm and no one objected.

In this thread, we talked and made plans so far for some place in France
(either Paris or Lyon). The wiki page you mentioned is an opt-in only
notification and I haven't edited that page nor was I subscribed which
is why I asked about private offers. Not everyone on this mailing list
got those notifications... so, of course, no one objected because not
many of us even knew Stockholm was a serious contender.

It feels like a decision was made without involving the rest of the
community that was already discussing this sprint.

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