2018-08-10 9:00 GMT+02:00 David Demelier <mark...@malikania.fr>:

> Since translations are not updated often, my proposal is to completely
> remove them.
> What are your thoughts on that?

I would keep the Mercurial translations even they are not up to date.

If the translations are removed, there will be very little chance that
somebody will start from zero to translate all the messages.
Moreover, I know some French users not always comfortable with English
messages. Even not all Mercurial messages are translated, they
appreciate to have some of them in French.
Of course, they would prefer all messages in French.

If there is a decision to remove incomplete translation, let me time
to translate the Mercurial messages into French.

André, the guy who is translating TortoiseHg messages into French
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