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  The UI seems good, but it seems like we should have `--dry-run` supports and 
I find the help text confusing (I made improvement suggestion).


>  def copy(ui, repo, pats, opts, rename=False):
> +    check_incompatible_arguments(opts, b'forget', [b'dry_run'])
> +

Why are these two incompatible ? I can imagine running `--forget` with 

>      targets = {}
> +    forget = opts.get(b"forget")
>      after = opts.get(b"after")

Thanks for updating the UI to forget ☺

> +    both SOURCE and DEST are interpreted as destinations. The destination
> +    file(s) will be left in place (still tracked).
> +

I find this text a bit confusing. Do you mean the the synopsys is `hg copy 
--forget FILE` ?

If so, what about something like:

  To undo marking a file as copied, use --forget. In that case, any copy 
informations attached to the command argument will be forgotten: `hg copy 
--forget FILE+`. The target file(s) will be left in place (still tracked).

> test-copy.t:304
> +
> +Test unmarking copy of a directory
> +

This block will be a great place to add a `--dry-run` test ;-).

  rHG Mercurial



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