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  In D8311#124387 <>, @Alphare wrote:
  > Could you add a comment about what happens if you `hg split` either the 
base or the tip of the range?
  I think what happens is each `newnode` key maps to a single precursor, so 
it's like a regular amend case.  It just happens that multiple `newnode` keys 
have the same `oldnode` in their value tuple.  But all we care about is the 
first and last `newnode` in the range.
  That said, I tried creating a simple test where I amended in a new file to 
the last commit of the last test, split it with the internal extension, and... 
Somehow I ended up with a weird state where the first half of the split is 
pruned, making the second half orphaned.  I tried `obslog` on it, and it raises 
an AssertionError because of a cycle.  I assume this is a known problem?  Is 
there some other trivial split that works?  (It's really hard getting the 
interactive sequence right in these *.t files, and I'm basically doing it by 
trial and error.)
  CC @marmoute for obsmarker wizardry
    $ hg obslog . --config extensions.evolve=/d/hg-evolve/hgext3rd/evolve
    @  222d8ec1e644 (14) four: extend the fold range
    ** unknown exception encountered, please report by visiting
    ** Python 2.7.15 (v2.7.15:ca079a3ea3, Apr 30 2018, 16:30:26) [MSC v.1500 64 
bit (AMD64)]
    ** Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 5.3.1+389-9127f584b52b)
    ** Extensions loaded: phabricator, evolve
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "d:\mercurial\hg", line 43, in <module>
      File "d:\mercurial\mercurial\", line 111, in run
        status = dispatch(req)
      File "d:\mercurial\mercurial\", line 254, in dispatch
        ret = _runcatch(req) or 0
      File "d:\mercurial\mercurial\", line 428, in _runcatch
        return _callcatch(ui, _runcatchfunc)
      File "d:\mercurial\mercurial\", line 437, in _callcatch
        return scmutil.callcatch(ui, func)
      File "d:\mercurial\mercurial\", line 152, in callcatch
        return func()
      File "d:\mercurial\mercurial\", line 418, in _runcatchfunc
        return _dispatch(req)
      File "d:\mercurial\mercurial\", line 1182, in _dispatch
        lui, repo, cmd, fullargs, ui, options, d, cmdpats, cmdoptions
      File "d:\mercurial\mercurial\", line 866, in runcommand
        ret = _runcommand(ui, options, cmd, d)
      File "d:\mercurial\mercurial\", line 1193, in _runcommand
        return cmdfunc()
      File "d:\mercurial\mercurial\", line 1179, in <lambda>
        d = lambda: util.checksignature(func)(ui, *args, **strcmdopt)
      File "d:\mercurial\mercurial\", line 1854, in check
        return func(*args, **kwargs)
      File "d:/hg-evolve/hgext3rd\evolve\", line 101, in 
        return _debugobshistorygraph(ui, repo, revs, opts)
      File "d:/hg-evolve/hgext3rd\evolve\", line 432, in 
        compat.displaygraph(ui, repo, walker, displayer, edges)
      File "d:\mercurial\mercurial\", line 1042, in displaygraph
        for rev, type, ctx, parents in dag:
      File "d:/hg-evolve/hgext3rd\evolve\", line 330, in 
        assert cycle

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