Augie Fackler <> writes:

>> On Dec 1, 2016, at 17:29, Sean Farley <> wrote:
>> Augie Fackler <> writes:
>>>> On Dec 1, 2016, at 17:07, Sean Farley <> wrote:
>>>> Augie Fackler <> writes:
>>>>>> On Dec 1, 2016, at 08:53, Neal Becker <> wrote:
>>>>>> Fedora guidelines: All packages whose upstreams allow them to be built 
>>>>>> against system libraries must be built against system libraries.
>>>>>> So if zstd could become a standard system library it would have to be 
>>>>>> unbundled.
>>>>> That should be possible some day, but today we're depending on an as-yet 
>>>>> unstable API that requires static linking against a specific version of 
>>>>> the library. Is that sufficient to prevent unbundling for now?
>>>> Well, that's problematic for me since I've already added zstd as a
>>>> system lib in MacPorts (under the, I believe, fair assumption) that this
>>>> would be easy to override and link against.
>>> It won't hurt anything to have it there, it just won't help you until zstd 
>>> stabilizes their API and we can get on the stable API.
>>> It was a fair assumption, except for all the discussion both here and on 
>>> indygreg's patches which made it clear that it wasn't ;)
>> I don't understand why there isn't a switch to enable this?
> I'm not sure what "this" is - if "this" is "using zstd at all" then yes, I 
> believe that's in there. If it's "using a system zstd instead of the vendored 
> one" that's *technically infeasible* with the current stable zstd API. The 
> wire format is stable, but the API is still under some amount of development 
> and they're being careful.

Then I don't think zstd is ready to be used. If it's not ready, then
it's not ready. I'm a bit sad but unless I can link with the system
provided zstd, then this is a no-go for me.

>> When I read
>> the patches, I thought that was the goal? I'm a bit disappointed in this
>> situation now and retract my support of vendoring zstd.
> If it's that worrisome, have MacPorts ship hg without zstd - that'll always 
> be fine.

I'm afraid I'll have to do that. I'm a bit worried with how fast this
was pushed through and how many other distros will turn off zstd.
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