> On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 2:27 PM, Simon King <si...@simonking.org.uk> 

    > Ah, your "hg export" is still missing one of your changes. You didn't
    > include 6846, which modified that same file. This is likely to be the
    > reason why the patch doesn't apply.

Ah, thanks a zillion, I apologise for the trouble caused.

What a stupid mistake.

Today I learned something important: use named branches instead of
bookmarks, (in my case, even if I want to contribute to a git repo, it
does not matter since I cannot push to that repo).

So the command

hg export -r "branch(pretty)" -o mypatch.patch

Would have saved me the trouble.

It is a petty that (there is now way to generalise)

hg export -r "bookmark(pretty)" -o mypatch.patch

Which only exports the revset corresponding the actual bookmark but not
its anchors.


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