This is a bit different topic, but I would like to know whether the
observed behavior is to be expected.

I create a small git-repo (script attached)

I clone it via: hg clone git-repo hg-repo

in hg-repo I add a new bookmark and some commits (script attached)

I export a patch of corresponding to the bookmark/branch via Steve's
hg export -g -r "only(pretty,master)" -o mypatch.patch

I import that patch into the git repo via

 git am --patch-format=hg mypatch.patch 

Now git log --graph gives me

* commit 36d22cdb51e6c8cc3395347d53756392ad311e2a
| Author: Uwe Brauer <o...@mat.ucm.es>
| Date:   Sat Sep 17 08:17:35 2016 +0000
|     pretty1

So the patch is considered as 1 commit not as three.

Just in case I repeat step one+two
I create a small git-repo (script attached)

I clone it via: hg clone git-repo2 hg-repo2

And apply the patch in hg-repo2. As expected
hg log -G

Shows three commits.

Is there anything I miss?

 git init
 echo default1 > test.txt
 git add test.txt
 git commit -a  -m "default1"
 echo default2 > test.txt
 git commit -a  -m "default2"
 echo default3 > test.txt
 git commit -a  -m "default3"
 git log --graph
 hg bookmark pretty
 echo pretty1 > pretty.txt
 hg add pretty.txt
 hg commit -m "pretty1"
 echo pretty-three >> pretty.txt
 hg commit -m "Pretty three"
 echo pretty-four >> pretty.txt
 hg commit -m "Pretty four"
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