I presume, either rsrnc or my usb corruped my repo.

 Hg status gives my strange files like
? Lista/NotasJun/SpreadSheet/.test.org.ZhljMN
 (I doubt that running hg addremove is a smart move)

Hg verify gives me
[a lot of stuff]

 Lista/NotasJun/posibles-cambios.org@412: manifest refers to unknown revision 
1655 files, 419 changesets, 2154 total revisions
61 warnings encountered!
hint: run "hg debugrebuildfncache" to recover from corrupt fncache
128 integrity errors encountered!
(first damaged changeset appears to be 407)

I run debugrebuildfncache

But hg verify still complains latest changeset is 438, please don't tell
me I have to strip down to 407.

Any suggestions how to repair my damaged repo?

I could use the convert extension which I have done in the past, but
then history is rewritten.

Uwe Brauer 
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