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> Hello list,
> I have been trying to understand how to correctly configure the
> mercurial.ini file in order to make the "central" repository to notify a
> list of participants of an action happened (typically, a push). The
> situation is more or less so that a small group of developers push and pull
> changesets to and from a "central" repository. It would be great if the HG
> server on the central machine would notify each one from the list.
> I tried to understand (and bring to action) the solution described on
> https://www.mercurial-scm.org/wiki/NotifyExtension , but it seems that I do
> not quite understand it.
> First of all, would it be correct to make the changes in mercurial.ini on
> the server machine? Client machines? If I am right that it should be the
> server, should the "[email] from =" be some email address connected with the
> server? And the smtp parameters such that the server can access them? What I
> do not understand, that is where the list of the addressees is? There is a
> "config = /full/path/to/subscription/file" mentioned, but what should it
> look like? A plain list of emails? Comma-separated? Breakline-separated?
> I would be grateful for a working explanation but, better, an example of a
> mercurial.ini for this case and the format of the file containing the list
> of participants.
> Thanks, RegV
> PS. All machines involved work under Windows (Windows Server 12 and Windows
> 10).

If you enable the extension in your mercurial.ini file, "hg help -e
notify" will give a more complete reference than is on the wiki. You
can also read the source of the help text at

As for *where* you should be configuring it, it depends how you are
hosting your central repository. If you push to it over http or ssh,
you can configure it all on the server. If it lives on a network
drive, you can probably still configure it in the central repository's
mercurial.ini, but you'll need to be aware that it is the client
machines that are actually running the code.

Hope that helps,

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