Hello all,

In preparation of our attempt to link our Hg repository to our Topdesk 
system (not much progress, it lacks priority), I started adding tags with 
Topdesk call numbers to some of our commits. I quickly found that a tag 
can only be applied to a single commit, so I'm probably using the tag 
feature for entirely the wrong thing. I remember tags from the old days 
when I was still using CVS, where it was used to mark releases among other 
things, so the result wasn't entirely a surprise.

What I'm looking for is basically just a text label that can be stuck on a 
commit, preferably with the possibility to do that after commit-time. Is 
there something like that?
There are other possible benefits to having those Topdesk call numbers in 
a separete "layer" of our repository, for starters they will probably be 
easier to parse programmatically.

The alternative is that we need to be more careful about our commits and 
think whether we need to include a Topdesk call number in the commit 
message before performing the commit. If we forget to (likely, especially 
in the early stages) we need to change the history. I'm not too fond of 
that approach, to be honest and hope there is a better way.

Note that most of my colleagues pretty much depend on TortoiseHg for their 
interface to the repository; do I need to teach them the command-line way 
for this?


Alban Hertroys

Alban  Hertroys

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