I think I know the answer to this question, but am asking it...
just to make sure...

  According to ECMNet, to find factors of up to 25 digits, the
optimal B1 is 50,000 with 300 expected curves...  and to find
factors of up to 30 digits the optimal B1 is 250,000 with 700
expected curves...

  If a person runs an ECM test using a B1 of 250,000 with 700
curves (for up to 30 digits), will they also find any factors
that they would have found if they had used a B1 of 50,000 with
300 curves (for up to 25 digits) ?!?  


  I'm presuming the answer is yes... and it works the same for
each level... (1,000,000 with 1800 expected curves for up to 35
digits, etc.)...

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