I've seen sporadic episodes of error messages before during temporary
server outages. However, haven't seen one that lasted this long. I now
have several machines that have been unable to report for six days in a
row. One of them is nearly out of work (though I can reserve assignements
manually if I need to.)

Looking through the Forum archives it appears Error 12002 is a version
21-specific problem that occurs when entropia.com is down even if
mersenne.org is up. On Saturday entropia.com was indeed down. However,
entropia's website has been up since sometime Sunday, and I have *still*
been getting hourly 12002s on three different systems. No firewalls on my
end, and no settings have changed on my end either.

Any advice?

I would also ask the "keeper of the faq" to add a few new lines to it
about these "new" (since 2 years or so ago) error messages that aren't
described in the online information.


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