On Saturday 12 July 2003 13:08, Scott Gibbs wrote:
> Dear Base:
> By a twist of extraordinary luck I procured a 3GHz. P IV with 1 GByte of
> RAM which translates to 12 possible 1 million candidate tests per year.  
> But I found a way to accelerate this behemoth even more!
> By installing the www.memokit.com memory optimizer and setting the priority
> of PRIME95 to REALTIME, I brought the .081 spec down to .063 at the very
> top of the Benchmark list.

1) Assuming your system is otherwise idle, changing the priority should have 
zero effect.

2) Again assuming your system doesn't run loads of other stuff, 128 MBytes is 
more than sufficient for running LL tests in Prime95. More is useful for P-1 
stage 2 and ECM, depending on the exponent.

3) I've no idea what the "memory optimizer" does, but any bigger change than 
a few percent is most unlikely - unless you do something like overrrunning 
the memory clock?

BTW I'm getting 0.084 benchmark for 1792K FFT run length on a 2.66 GHz P4 
using dual-channel PC2100 DDR memory, e7205 chipset. 0.063 sounds about right 
for a 3GHz system using dual-channel PC3200 DDR.

Brian Beesley
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