>From undoc.txt:

The program used to do factoring and P-1 testing on exponents even if
they were not the first entry in worktodo.ini.  The rationale was that
if the number had a factor, the server could be contacted and another
exponent reserved.  This avoids the possible scenario where the LL test
for the first worktodo.ini line completes, a factor is quickly found for
the second line in worktodo.ini and the computer now sits idle until
the server can be contacted.  This behavior was confusing, especially
to newcomers.  To restore this old behavior add this line to prime.ini:
One added benefit is time estimates in Test/Status will be more accurate
because we'll know no factors will be found and the LL test must be run.

At 01:02:37, Friday, 8/8/03, Doug Feather wrote:
> ie. all the exponents need p-1 factoring.  In this situation it will do the
> p-1 factoring 1st stage for all 3 exponents but then it will start the LL on
> the first one during the day and do 2nd stage p-1 factoring on the first
> exponent during the night.  However, this LL may be pointless since the p-1
> factoring may end up factoring the exponent.  There are several things that
> you can do to avoid this potentially useless LL testing.  One is to cause it
> to do the p-1 factoring on the 20M exponent sooner.  This can be done by
> changing the original work to do list to (assuming I understand Daren's
> posting correctly):


Nick Glover

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