As you may already know, a user has reported discovering the 40th known
Mersenne prime!

In the wake of the false prime report a few months ago, we added a few
failsafes to quickly detect a false report. Fortunately, this user was using the
new version of prime95. He emailed me the save file with 2000 iterations
remaining. I reran those final iterations and my computer also reports this
number prime - in my mind eliminating any chance of a hardware error.

Unfortunately, we still must go through the official different machine, different
program verification which will probably end in early December. So please be
patient awaiting the disclosure of the number. Waiting for verification saved
us from a huge embarrassment last time!

Oh yes, hints.  I've always given hints.  The prime number is more than
five million digits and less than ten million digits.

Congratulations to all!! GIMPS has done it again!

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