This is a question that has come up before.

In a multi-processor system, the CPU graph in Task Manager will count *ALL*
the processors as being equal to 100%.

You can set Task Manager to show one graph per CPU which should help.

*** Also, be sure you set the "Affinity" of Prime95 to run on ONLY the first
CPU (the "real" one)! ***  Otherwise the task scheduler could be switching
your process between the real and virtual processor and that will seriously
gum up how well it runs, especially for CPU intensive tasks like P95 is.

In the P4's with the virtual processor, it will appear to the OS as 2
processors, but trust me, running 2 instances of Prime95 will not help.  It
does help out though when you run Prime95 and are using your machine for
other things... You'll get more Prime95 cycles going and your other tasks
can run in the virtual processor pretty well without robbing cycles from the
LL tests.


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> I just brought up a new box with P4 3.0 on an ABIT IS& MB. I 
> only appear to be getting 50% of the cycles for Prime95. I am 
> running XP Pro SP1.
> How do I get the full power available to Prime95?
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