Dear all,

This is my first Mersenne-request, and there are two of them:

1. If anyone of you happends to know about the origin of the following quote
from Huxley (which of the prominent Huxleys is unknown), I would be most
grateful if you would let me know (it is a translation from a Danish quote
of Huxley):

What compensation has Echippus (The Primeval horse) got from her sufferings
coming from the fact that her predecessors, millions of years later, win a
Derby race?

2. Do anyone know of a publication by someone named Merton (evidently not
Robert K. Merton but  probably an astronomer) in which Gaussian methods were
modified for determinations of orbits? The publication is dated 1925, but
sadly that's all I know.

Best regards, and thank you in advance!

Simon O. Rebsdorf, MSc, PhD Student, History of Science Department, Aarhus,

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