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--- Comment #2 from Eero Tamminen <> ---
(In reply to Link Mauve from comment #0)
> When Dolphin-emu is compiled with EGL (-DUSE_EGL=ON), and set to single core
> mode (Config > General > Enable Dual Core disabled), it crashes in
> egl_dri3_get_dri_context().
> This doesn’t happen in dual core mode (where the emulated GPU is running on
> a different thread than the emulated CPU), or when Dolphin is compiled with
> GLX as its context API, but it happens on both Xorg and Xwayland since both
> are using DRI3.

(In reply to Karol Herbst from comment #1)
> it seems like Mesa doesn't handle this situation right:
> dolphin creats the Context on one thread and makes the context current on
> another one.
> with DRI2 you get a white window and with DRI3 mesa simply crashes.

Doesn't seem like Intel backend issue.  What's the correct component for EGL
context handling issues, EGL or "Mesa core"?

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