On 14 September 2016 at 19:06, Adam Jackson <a...@redhat.com> wrote:
> As this array was not actually sorted, FindGLXFunction's binary search
> would only sometimes work.
This commit message is a bit iffy, yet again most of this and
g_glxglvnddispatchfuncs.c is dead code.

Afaict the sole reason behind his file is to have the vendor driver
callback into libGLX in order to manage (add/remove) the relevant
fbconfig/drawable/context to vendor mappings. From a quick search we
have ~5 out of the 30+ functions that do that.

Everyone else calls back into the vendor library to a) get the correct
vendor (dispatch) and using it dive via the vendor neutral library
_directly_ back into itself (see the generated g_libglglxwrapper.c
file) to get the entry point via getProcAddress callback - see
__glXFindVendorDispatchAddress(). Thus as-is we have at least three
unneeded indirections in some 20+ entrypoints ... right ?

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