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(In reply to Michel Dänzer from comment #3)
> (In reply to Silvan Jegen from comment #2)
> > Just to clarify: the trace also includes loading of the game itself (which
> > takes a long time too) as well as in-game menu navigation.
> Right, replaying the trace crashes for me after the shader compilations on
> startup, so my CPU profile only covered that. Maybe you can try getting a
> CPU profile of one of the other stalls.

I tried to replay the trace and it crashed on my machine as well...

> Otherwise, maybe try setting the environment variable
> GALLIUM_HUD=.dfps,requested-VRAM+VRAM-usage,requested-GTT+GTT-usage,
> cpu+temperature+GPU-load,.dnum-bytes-moved,.dbuffer-wait-time,.dnum-
> compilations+num-shaders-created for either running the game itself or
> replaying the trace, and taking a screenshot within one minute after one of
> the other stalls. That should allow at least confirming or ruling out that
> the other stalls are due to shader compilation as well.

Do you still need such a screenshot now that other people in the thread have
posted a few? If so, I will upload one early next week (I will be away over the

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