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> Commit 5921f372c89a68fac6ddefc009442721d9df4db2 exposed GLES 3.1 symbols
> in libGLESv2.so.  Are we supposed to do the same thing for GLES 3.2?
> I imagine we're supposed to, but I'm not certain what spec actually
> defines the ABI or where to look.

This is the kind of stuff that is usually defined in the Khronos API
Implementers Guide:

And it seems these should be exposed, as section ("Packaging") says:

"Except in cases where macros are allowed or versioned symbol naming
is recommended (e.g., OpenCL symbol naming), ensure the API function
names exported by your lib & dll files match the function names
specified by the Khronos standard for the API you are implementing."

I interpret this as there being an expectancy that the core API
functions are actually exported. The same section also says

"The entry points for each API must be packaged in separate libraries.
Recommended library names are given in Table 2, “Recommended Library

In section ("Naming") table 2 lists the library base-name for
OpenGL ES 3.x as "GLESv2", and even clarifies with a footnote that
this is not a typo.

All together, this tells me that libGLESv2.so should include all core
symbols of the OpenGL 2.x *and* OpenGL 3.x API.
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