On 13 October 2016 at 23:06, Chad Versace <chadvers...@chromium.org> wrote:
> Mesa's EGL has supported Chrome OS's "surfaceless" platform for many
> months, but the behavior of that platform has never been documented.
> Here's my attempt to fix that.
> I've already committed the draft extension spec into the private Khronos
> registry. After these patches land in master, I plan to publish the spec
> in the *public* Khronos registry then delete Mesa's copy.
Smashing, thanks for expanding the cope to cover EGL 1.4/EGL_EXT_platform_base.

> See the piglit list for tests.
> Branches:
>     - mesa: 
> http://git.kiwitree.net/cgit/~chadv/mesa/log/?h=review/EGL_MESA_platform_surfaceless-v02
>     - piglit: 
> http://git.kiwitree.net/cgit/~chadv/piglit/log/?h=review/EGL_MESA_platform_surfaceless-v01
> Chad Versace (6):
>   docs: Add EGL_MESA_platform_surfaceless.txt (v2)
>   egl: Don't advertise unsupported platform extensions
Cc: mesa-sta...@lists.freedesktop.org on this one ?

The lot looks great!
Reviewed-by: Emil Velikov <emil.veli...@collabora.com>

Planned branch point is late tonight so, barring any fundamental
issues I would suggest pushing the lot beforehand.

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