--- Comment #4 from Eero Tamminen <> ---
(In reply to Suzuki, Shinji from comment #2)
> The amount of memory being in use may be bounded. But I believe there are
> blocks that don't get released until process termination. Having unreleased
> memory brings bad user experience to users of valgrind or any kind of memory
> debugging tools.

While libraries should not leak even in their destroy/exit functions... If you
just want to debug run-time leaks instead of things leaked in the application
termination procedure, there's a way to do that with Valgrind.

Just terminate the program with a signal that Valgrind can catch, but the
program itself doesn't (e.g. SIGBUS, SIGXCPU or SIGTRAP are rarely caught by
programs, but Valgrind catches etc).  That way program's termination code (and
any library functions called by it) cannot leak memory, and Valgrind will list
only leaks happening during normal run-time.

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