> The motivation for the series was the high malloc call count for
> glsl_to_tgsi_instruction, which I observed when I was working on the
> GLSL stuff. Decreasing the size of that structure should help with
> malloc overhead as well as cache utilization in theory.
> Results with shader-db are below. Each measurement was done twice to
> be sure the results are reproducible, and they are. The second set of
> results is not shown here.

Cool looks good to me them

Reviewed-by: Dave Airlie <airl...@redhat.com>

> Before:
> real    0m58.046s
> user    3m48.464s
> sys    0m0.652s
> After:
> real    0m56.709s
> user    3m43.296s
> sys    0m0.604s
> Marek
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