On 18.10.2016 01:07, Jan Ziak wrote:
This patch replaces the ir_variable_refcount_entry's linked-list
with an array-list.

The array-list has local storage which does not require ANY additional
allocations if the list has small number of elements. The size of this
storage is configurable for each variable.

Benchmark results for "./run -1 shaders" from shader-db[1]:

- The total number of executed instructions goes down from 64.184 to 63.797
  giga-instructions when Mesa is compiled with "gcc -O0 ..."

Please don't do performance related decisions based on data from compiling code with optimizations disabled. Use -O2 or -O3 (or even better, check both).

- In the call tree starting at function do_dead_code():
  - the number of calls to malloc() is reduced by about 10%
  - the number of calls to free() is reduced by about 30%

[1] git://anongit.freedesktop.org/mesa/shader-db

        - Eero

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