Hi Christian,

Hats off for the tremendous work - both to you and fellow etnaviv hackers !

On 30 November 2016 at 13:44, Christian Gmeiner
<christian.gmei...@gmail.com> wrote:
> As the original patchstack is now about 300 patches, I have choosen to
> squash the patches together into three different parts.

> - etnaviv gallium driver
>   glxgears renders so its time to get this driver mainline.
I've poked you on this one on IRC, but I'll mention it here for posterity:

Having the etnaviv_dri.so sounds a bit odd. You mentioned it was used
by the armada ddx, yet I'm too familiar with either one to know why
using imx_dri.so isn't feasible.
Note: I'm _not_ saying "this is rubbish you cannot have etnaviv_dri.so".

All I'm asking for is to document $reason why one cannot use the
latter - be that in the commit message and/or code.

With those couple of small suggestions, I'd say "when can we ship it" ;-)

P.S. Seems like 2/3 could use virtually every comment from 3/3. I.e.
the targets/dri changes did not make it in the squashed branch.
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