Nayan Deshmukh wrote:
Hi Andy,

Please test this patch for regressions.

Do you have a testcase to show the fix?

TBH I've not tested gstreamer with mpeg2 before as vaapi mpeg2
h/w dec never worked properly anyway.

With mpv --hwdec=vaapi it doesn't seem to regress anything.

With gstreamer - I can display junk and segfault with or without
the patch.

This is the first time trying though, and I just don't know whether it's
just me messing up demuxing mpeg container to feed vaapi or whether
it's using vaapi sink (normally I only test x264/mkv/mp4/raw encode/transcode).

If you have a working gstreamer commandline to demux mpegps decode and display
it would be handy :-)

More generally - it's really good you are working on vaapi - I don't
know what you've discusses with anyone but did you see the old threads

I was meaning to bring this up via bug/finding replying to old mails.
It was only meant to be a short term fix and as time goes on it's
getting more problematic.

Soon ffmpeg will enable de-interlacer, which depending on env, may lock
peoples GPUs if they paste some example from the wiki.

mpv --vo=vaapi is also borked = vmfaults probably related to interlaces
vs progressive buffers (though may be more complicated than that as
hwdec + vo does seem OK)
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