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    On 14 February 2017 at 18:26, Jason Ekstrand <ja...@jlekstrand.net
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    > This changes the way anv_entrypoints_gen.py works from generating a
    > table containing every single entrypoint in the XML to just the ones
    > that we actually need.  There's no reason for us to burn entrypoint
    > table space on a bunch of NV extensions we never plan to implement.

    JFYI: Tapani mentioned that the conversion to XML 'magically' got
    things working on Android-ia.
    Might be worth checking if the latter requires (and/or uses ?) some
    other extensions/entry points.

I have no idea what's going on with android.  If they need another
entrypoint or two, it should be easy enough to AF them to the whitelist.

Yeah, I'll check how this changes things when next rebase for us happens. Currently I have (bit experimental) patch in generator script to add some entrypoints, just like vkCreateDmaBufImageINTEL is added.

// Tapani
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