Hi Malar,

well first of all please stop posting mixed text/html mail to the Mesa mailing list. Those mails can easily end up in the spam folder and some other lists even completely reject them (text only should be used).

If you take this task I'm probably going to be your mentor, so if you have questions fell free to mail me directly. I certainly can't answer everything, but I think I at least know where to point you.

First question from my side is when do you want to do this? One requirement to apply for EVoc is that you don't skip classes to work on the project, so you need to have a longer winter or summer break or something like that.

A good part of those tasks where already done by another student, but I think there is still enough work left to be done. So we need to talk about what you actually want to do.

When you still want to get your hands dirty you can find most of the code here:

What you need for development is of course a supported hardware platform, e.g. a compute with a radeon (preferred) or nvidia (not so well supported) gfx hardware.

The next step would be to setup your favorite Linux distribution (if you haven't done so already), then get Mesa compiled by yourself and getting VDPAU running with the existing video filters using mplayer or mpv.


Am 05.08.2017 um 10:38 schrieb Malar Vikram:
hello, I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Theoretical computer science.I came to know about The X.Org Endless Vacation of Code(EVoC) while searching for the GSoc, since it is already became too late to apply for GSoc , I found an interesting opportunity while reading the project ideas. I am interested to work on the idea of implementing the remaining presentation features of VDPAU state tracker . I think it as an opportunity to work in a open source project and gain real life experience.I am very much confused about where to start so i am in the need of some help in guiding me on how to proceed,.

                            THANK YOU,
              -Malarvikram K R

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