On 09/08/17 03:24 AM, Emil Velikov wrote:
> On 8 August 2017 at 08:23, Michel Dänzer <mic...@daenzer.net> wrote:
>> From: Michel Dänzer <michel.daen...@amd.com>
>> No need to manually look for the library files anymore with current
>> LLVM. This sidesteps the manual method failing when LLVM was built with
> IIRC you recently spotted that the Suse packaging was building LLVM
> with separate shared libraries.

Apparently that's getting fixed though.

> This is something which gets flagged with this (admittedly) quirky test.

What do you mean by that?

I just double-checked that Mesa with this patch still builds fine
against LLVM built with BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON, just like without it.

> I think we'd want to keep the best of both - just not sure how to
> exactly do that.
> --libs/--libfiles was completely busted with LLVM 3.9 and is back to
> normal with 4.0.
> Could we use that somehow?

This patch relies on llvm-config --libs with LLVM >= 4.0. If you mean
something else, please be more specific.

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