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As mentioned in previous commit the negative tests in dEQP expect the
arguments to be evaluated in particular order.
The spec doesn't say that, so the test is wrong.
Changing it in Mesa doesn't hurt though, so I have nothing against it,
except for the fact it hide the dEQP bug.

I agree, the spec does not say anything on the topic.
I think it makes sense to have the patch regardless, since it provides
a bit more consistency.

Although fixing dEQP is also a good idea. I think Tapani/Chad have
some experience/pointers on the topic.
You can send patches to gerrit in same manner just like for rest of Android,
then assign reviewers from people that have committed to dEQP. I can help
trying to get those fixes forward. You should work on master branch though,
what I've experienced is that getting fixes to some specific release branch
is a lot more difficult matter.
This is to submit fixes though, which I don't always have the time or
knowledge to do myself. I was hoping there would be a way to report
"this is wrong because X" and let someone else figure out the fix.
Is there any bug/issue tracker for deqp?

I'm not aware of one :/

// Tapani
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