--- Comment #1 from Roland Scheidegger <> ---
If that's only softpipe/llvmpipe regressing, it is most likely due to only
having fake msaa support.
I'm a bit surprised the test result changed, but I suppose the test previously
actually used a msaa texture with just 1 sample, which now gets upgraded
automatically to 2 samples. Albeit I can't quite tell why this particular
result changed, since mostly the nr_samples in the resource should be ignored.
In any case, we don't handle msaa correctly, so one or two more tests failing
in that area (bug 102125 is really more of the same) isn't much of an issue
(albeit it's too bad we can't stop (most of) the tests trying even though we
report a maximum number of 0 samples).
If hw drivers fail too that would be definitely worrying.

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