Bug ID: 104915
           Summary: Indexed SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION query not supported
           Product: Mesa
           Version: git
          Hardware: All
                OS: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: minor
          Priority: medium
         Component: Mesa core
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GLFW sample testing shading language version queries

In GL4.3 the spec added new glGetStringi() query GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION,
which allows an application to query a list of supported versions (rather than
just the latest, which glGetString() returns). I don't believe this ever
existed in an extension, only in this new core version.

There are two queries relevant - the GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION passed to
glGetStringi(), and then the index ranges from 0 to whatever
glGetIntegerv(GL_NUM_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSIONS) returns, which is the other

I've attached a simple program (using glfw for conciseness/clarity) that
exhibits the problem in an isolated run. The important bit though is:

  printf("Shading language version: %s\n",

  glGetIntegerv(GL_NUM_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSIONS, &numLanguages);
  printf("%d total languages\n", numLanguages);

  for(i = 0; i < numLanguages; i++)
    printf("language %d: %s\n", i, glGetStringi(GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION,

Actual output:

  Shading language version: 4.50
  0 total languages

Expected output (something along these lines):

  Shading language version: 4.50
  10 total languages
  language 0: 450 core
  language 1: 450 compatibility
  language 2: 440 core
  language 3: 440 compatibility
  language 4: 430 core
  language 5: 430 compatibility
  language 6: 420 core
  language 7: 420 compatibility
  language 8: 410 core
  language 9: 410 compatibility

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