When Ilia asked for suggestions on where to look to add 10bpc BGR
support to the GBM and Wayland EGL backends, I had a quick look; the
number of places the formats were duplicated and lossily/inconsistently
translated between rapidly annoyed me enough to just type this series

This gives both the Wayland and GBM backends a single source of truth
for conversion between their native format tokens
(wl_drm/drm_fourcc/wl_shm for the three Wayland protocols, GBM format
tokens for that), DRIImage formats, bpp, and per-channel masks used to
match/derive EGLConfigs.

The very first patch is a harmless cosmetic fix, but a fix nonetheless;
the others all just move the two EGL backends towards using the single
table. The last two commits actually add the 10bpc BGR formats - by now
trivial - which obviously depends on Ilia's series to add them.

I've not actually tested 10bpc BGR, but Ilia tested it on kmscube and


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