On 2018-02-09 — 11:50, Aaron Watry wrote:
> No worries.  I've been rebasing this series every time I've pulled
> mesa for the last few months, and this week is the first time I've had
> any real conflicts that need addressing.  I'll see if I can find some
> time to address your comments and re-organize the commits as you
> suggested.
> Jan also had some review comments previously that I need to go and
> confirm have all been addressed after I make changes.
> I've been pretty bad at finding time for clover/libclc recently (5.5
> month old infant that refuses to sleep, who happens to have been born
> only 2 weeks after the previous iteration of this series was sent...
> coincidence? I think so).

And if (s)he refuses to sleep, I guess the parents aren’t allowed to either…

No worries and take your time. I was cleaning up my mailbox, saw this series
and realised I hadn’t reviewed it. Plus, as I’m working on clover, will try to
help on the stability/conformance/new features side as well, I was interested
in seeing those patches upstreamed.


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