Build mesa 6908 completed

Commit f6718baabc by Roland Scheidegger on 2/13/2018 5:56 PM:
tgsi: Recognize RET in main for tgsi_transform\n\nShaders coming from dx10 state trackers have a RET before the END.\nAnd the epilog needs to be placed before the RET (otherwise it will\nget ignored).\nHence figure out if a RET is in main, in this case we'll place\nthe epilog there rather than before the END.\n(At a closer look, there actually seem to be problems with control\nflow in general with output redirection, that would need another\nlook. It's enough however to fix draw's aa line emulation in some\ninternal bug - lines tend to be drawn with trivial shaders, moving\neither a constant color or a vertex color directly to the output).\n\nv2: add assert so buggy handling of RET in main is detected\n\nReviewed-by: Brian Paul <>\nReviewed-by: Jose Fonseca <>

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