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Hi, I can't really comment on what is going wrong with your application
specifically, due to lack of details.

That the hang does not happen if you don't do the vkQueueSubmit does nto tell
us much, as you're essentially not telling the driver to do anything, and it
can't hang  when not doing anything on the GPU.

What you can try:

1) Don't specify the semaphores during the submit. For simple apps our driver
should give mostly the correct result even without them. That excludes
semaphores from being a problem.
2) See if you can scrap/comment out commands that you record in the command
buffer and whether the hang still occurs.
3) Run validation layers. (I realize that due to the hang you may need to
redirect the output to a file and check the file after reboot)

wrt VulkanTutorials, what exactly did you built and run? I have trouble
matching C++ files and shaders (since there are more c++ files to shaders) and
I'd prefer not to have to read the entire tutorial.

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