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>From the VulkanTutorial source most demos trigger the freeze.
For example the triangle demo 15_hello_triangle.cpp with 09_shader_base.frag
and 09_shader_base.vert as shaders.
The command buffers are very simple and if I comment out vkCmdDraw it also
doesn't freeze(well the GPU also does nothing).
Commenting out the semaphores at submit changes nothing. The Validation Layers
report warnings cause of the missing semaphores but after couple of seconds it
also freezes.
I piped the output and read it from ssh but there are no Validation Layer
reports. It's like the GPU stop working at this moment.
I know its a hardware-specific problem because on Intel ANV and RADV(AMD OLAND)
it works.
Is it possible that the GPU hangs if there will be too much draw calls in a
short time frame?

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