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Curious, I haven't noticed that and that sounds really similar to my
benchmarking setup.

Not being able to reboot is a generic amdgpu problem after a hang.

It happening for so long as you can remember, how long are we talking about?
What kernels have you used before where you had the issue and what mesa

What could be useful is starting Talos with

RADV_TRACE_FILE=/some/file/name RADV_DEBUG=allbos,syncshaders

You can do this for example by right clicking on the game name in the list ->
properties -> set launch options ->

RADV_TRACE_FILE=/some/file/name RADV_DEBUG=allbos,syncshaders %command%

Given the nature of the issue, it is possible we crash after the hang while
trying to produce the trace file. In that case a stacktrace would be useful to
narrow down which packet we define illegally (though may need debug symbols to
be useful).

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