Hi all,

I did some more testing with NIR and wanted to share the results.

Overall it seems nir could be better than tgsi, but there are some
shaders with significant regressions and I think that introduces
framerate drops that are quite noticable in some games (Total War:
WARHAMMER benchmark for example).

See the run* directory for comparisons of tgsi vs nir for different
versions of llvm and tgsi or nir vs different llvm backends (also
includes complete shader db output (around 50k shaders)).

NIR gets better with every version increase of llvm, which optimizes for
code size (why not speed ?).

I found no serious regressions so far, however I think that NIR is
responsible for some crashes that happen in Metro 2033 Redux (beginning
before actual game) and Dead Island classic (ingame) so probably related
to compilation issues.

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