--- Comment #11 from Timothy Arceri <> ---
(In reply to Ben Clapp from comment #10)
> Regarding the freeze when using the OpenGL backend with Mesa 18.0, it seems
> a different user has already reported that bug:
> Apologies for the late response Timothy.
> >Do you think you could get a dump of the NIR and LLVM IR for the shaders in 
> >question and attach it here? You can use the following environment var to 
> >dump ?the shaders: RADV_DEBUG=shaders
> I'm struggling to properly dump the shaders because RADV now has an on-disk
> shader cache, and RADV_DEBUG=shaders seems to only print out shaders when
> they are actually compiled for the first time.
> How can I clear and/or disable the shader cache?

RADV_DEBUG=nocache or MESA_GLSL_CACHE_DISABLE=1 should do it. Also you can dump
the unoptimised LLVM IR with RADV_DEBUG=preoptir which can be useful sometimes.

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