The two patches I sent an hour ago enable the use of OpenCL on a big endian
I've tested this with a modified mesa 17.3.6, using kernel 4.1.35 and
4.16.0 on a Freescale
T2080rdb board (4-way e6500 PPC) running Debian unstable.

The patches in question are:
radeonsi: correct si_vgt_param_key on big endian machines
radeonsi: convert dispatch packet to little endian

The first patch adds a big endian version of the si_vgt_param_key union,
the second patch
modifies si_compute.c to convert the endianness of the data sent to the GPU
when it is
uploaded to VRAM instead of being sent through the rings.

Together, these patches allow me to execute OpenCL kernels correctly on the
T2080 mentioned above.

Bas Vermeulen
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