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--- Comment #15 from charlie <> ---
On the first compile attempt with
"1-2-bin-install_megadrivers-fix-DESTDIR-and--D--path.patch" applied, the ninja
file was regenerated because the git mesa directory is deleted from /dev/shm
and a clean copy of origin/master (git reset --hard) is then copied from disk
to /dev/shm. The copy of origin/master in /dev/shm is then used to compile. I
also logged out before the first attempt to make sure all environment variables
were wiped. So I found it odd that there was no change in my build config
except for adding "-Dprefix" on my second attempt and have
"-Ddri-drivers-path=${XBUILD}/lib${LIBDIRSUFFIX}/xorg/modules/dri" finally
working. So I suspected some meson cache not related to the regeneration of the
"" file needed to be 'refreshed'.

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