Are we still calculating limits (that affect whether or not a shader can
successfully link) after only doing GLSL optimizations?  I'm worried
that making a pretty big change to the optimization path is going to
break some app on (most likely) an older piece of hardware because the
linker will now determine that it exceeds some limit.

On 04/09/2018 09:34 PM, Timothy Arceri wrote:
> This series is part of an effort to reduce the regression in compile
> times when switching radeonsi from TGIS -> NIR. But it also turns
> out to be quite handy for i965 too.
> The idea is to make better use of GLSLOptimizeConservatively.
> Currently TGSI must ignore the flag until all functions have been
> inlined by the GLSL IR opts. Since NIR can do function inlining we
> can drop the post linking opts calls for Gallium drivers that use
> NIR and just use the faster NIR opts instead. The patches to do
> this will come in a follow-up series since it requires some
> refactoring and testing and I wanted to get this out for review.
> For i965 this series enables GLSLOptimizeConservatively for a nice
> boost in compile times and very little change in shader-db.
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