--- Comment #5 from Chris Arena <> ---
The remarkable thing about this was that an unlikely target and dependent
library was picked by default.

Cross compiling on an cubieboard for an Intel part is unlikely in the extreme.
What is most likely is compiling for the cubieboard. Oftentimes, configure gets
it perfectly right for doing something in the native environment without

If the configure can't figure out what the user wants from something in the
environment, defaulting to an unlikely case makes the user think that something
is broken, as I did. 

It would make sense that once the "checking for INTEL... no" was emitted, no
other diagnostics applicable to INTEL would be issued, such as "No package
'libdrm_intel' found". My reasoning is: intel isn't the platform, checking for
a package required to support intel doesn't mean anything, so saying that it's
missing doesn't add anything to the picture.

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