On Friday, April 13, 2018 12:00:02 AM PDT Timothy Arceri wrote:
> Wasn't sure who to bug about this so I've sent it here.
> I've spent a little big of time lately fixing a few bugs and cleaning 
> out bugzilla. One thing that is annoying is the growing number of 
> software rast bug in the Mesa core and Other Component groups. The 
> problem is these are the components that get selected by most users who 
> aren't sure where to file their bug and the report just gets lost in the 
> noise of hundreds of other bugs.
> What would be nice is to have the following so we can actually make good 
> use of the Core and Other components:
> Drivers/DRI/swrast
> Drivers/Gallium/llvmpipe
> Drivers/Gallium/softpipe

This seems like a good idea.  I've added all three of these, with
default assignee and QA contact being mesa-dev (same as the core Mesa

> Also it seems we could remove a bunch of the components in there which 
> have been dropped from Mesa long ago:
> Drivers/Glide
> Drivers/DRI/Trident

I deleted Glide and Trident as they had no bugs in them.  The rest have
bugs filed against them, so I didn't want to potentially lose data that
someone might care about.  Those components are all deactivated anyway,
so noone can file new bugs - they're just archiving old data.

> Drivers/DRI/TDFX
> Drivers/DRI/SiS
> Drivers/DRI/Savage
> Drivers/DRI/S3V
> Drivers/DRI/r128
> Drivers/DRI/Mach64
> Drivers/DRI/i830
> Drivers/DRI/i810
> Drivers/DRI/Gamma
> Drivers/DRI/FFB

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