Quoting Marek Olšák (2018-04-13 15:33:02)
> On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 5:26 PM, Dylan Baker <dy...@pnwbakers.com> wrote:
>     Okay, I've figured it out. On my system RTTI is enabled by default, on
>     ubuntu
>     16.04 RTTI is disabled. meson doesn't account for this in it's llvm 
> module,
>     because you would need to compile all C++ code with -fno-rtti to make it
>     link
>     reliably.
>     short answer:
>     add `-DLLVM_ENABLE_RTTI=1` to the cmake invocation for LLVM
>     or
>     `meson build --cpp_args="-fno-rtti" ...` for mesa
>     I can probably fix this in mesa, but it will require bumping the meson
>     version.
> My meson doesn't have --cpp_args, so I guess 0.45.1 is too old.

Gah, those damn -- vs -D arguments again. I need to go yell at meson people
about this, again.

Use the CXXFLAGS variable like autotools for the initial meson configure, or
-Dcpp_args for `meson configure`. I'm going to go yell at meson people again
about the -D vs -- thing...


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