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You never check EXT_texture_norm16 anywhere... is that right? Should
probably respect that in the _mesa_is_es3_* helpers. Also what about

Oops that is very correct, will add the checks.

shader support? I see no mention in the spec that these should be
usable as images, except with NV_image_formats is enabled. You're just
exposing them no matter what in ES 3.10.

Layout qualifiers added by the spec are exposed only when 3.10 ES and
NV_image_formats are both there, the boolean in map below (last column) is
the check for NV_image_formats, without it you'll get compilation error.

That's not quite right:

                if ((state->is_version(map[i].required_glsl,
                                       map[i].required_essl) ||
                     (state->NV_image_formats_enable &&
                      map[i].nv_image_formats)) &&

So you'd need to leave the essl version alone, otherwise
NV_image_formats check has no effect. Also, do you plan on

Right I see, only mark those format true.

differentiating the case "have NV_image_formats but not

I had a version that added another boolean but since both of these extensions require GL ES 3.1 it seemed to me that it would be unlikely to have platform to support 3.1 but not EXT_texture_norm16 (?)

Sounds like you need to add some negative compiler tests.

Will write some.

// Tapani
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