Stefan Schake <> writes:

> v2 drops the submit flags, directly moves in fence handling to the
> job submit function and queries for the syncobj cap instead of using
> a separate support parameter.
> This series adds support for the native fence fd extension to vc4.
> The implementation relies on a newly introduced kernel interface that
> allows submitting syncobjs for in/out fences during job submission.
> Since syncobjs are relatively new, patches 1 and 3 have build changes
> for automake and meson to require a recent libdrm version.
> There is some scope here to replace the previous sequence number based
> implementation with only syncobjs, but given that we need to continue
> supporting older kernels I felt it would have only added complexity.
> This has been tested with piglit and kmscube -A(tomic). In particular,
> I checked that the fd numbers weren't increasing during the kmscube run.
> Should not be merged until the kernel side lands. In particular, patch 2
> is purely provisional.

Now that the kernel is in drm-next, I've merged the Mesa patches.  I
updated the UABI patch for the finalized version with pad2, and I
tweaked the patch so that we don't need a libdrm_vc4.

Thanks so much for working on this!

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