To be honest I have mixed feelings about using Gitlab merge requests. As Jason mentions bellow the discussions feature is a nice way to avoid the mess that can happen with mailings list replys.

However I seem to find myself fighting with the interface more that should be necessary. Most of this is probably just that it takes time to get used too. But the single most annoying thing is having to expand the code comment when looking at a commit. Especially during review you always want to view the comment. It would be soooo much nicer if these were always expanded by default. Is there a setting for this somewhere?


On 12/1/19 4:05 am, Jason Ekstrand wrote:
I'm putting my own thoughts in a reply for some reason.  Here's what I've seen.

 1. I really like GitLab "discussions".  It provides a very good way for both the author and the reviewers to keep track of what review comments have been dealt with and what comments are still outstanding.

 2. GitLab is currently missing a good way to comment on commit messages which makes giving review tags rather painful.  There is a GitLab issue opened about this:

 3. GitLab has a bug regarding per-commit comments where they tend to get lost while you're looking at the commit itself:

 4. At least two of those merge requests were small bug fixes by brand new contributors who I've never seen on the mailing list.

 5. There's no way with gitlab for Reviewed-by tags to get automatically applied as part of the merging process.  This makes merging a bit more manual than it needs to be but is really no worse than it was before.

Ok, there you have my thoughts.  I'd be happy to hear others.


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    The mesa project has now hit 100 merge requests (36 are still
    open).  I (and I'm sure others) would be curious to hear people's
    initial thoughts on the process.  What's working well?  What's not
    working?  Is it total fail and should we go back to mailing lists?


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